Food Menu

French Fries ¥600 Vegetable Sandwitch ¥800
Fried Onion Rings ¥600 Bacon Egg Pancake ¥900
Fried Catfish ¥600 Buffalo Chicken Burger ¥900
Fried Small Fishes ¥600 A-TRAIN Chillidog ¥900
Grilled Sausages ¥700 BLT Burger ¥900
Oyster Ajillo ¥700 Catfish Burger ¥900
Cheese assortment ¥700 A-TRAIN Hamburger ¥1,000
Classic Caesar Salad ¥600 Swordfish Meuniere ¥1,000
Walnuts and Balsamico Salad ¥600 Grilled Herb Chicken ¥900
Coleslaw ¥600 Milanese Cutlet ¥1,000
Onion Soysauce Salad ¥600 Polpette ¥1,000
Avocado Shrimp Cocktail ¥600 Taliata ¥1,000
Galette ¥1,000 Banana & Chocolate Sandae ¥600
Salad Galette ¥1,000 Blueberry Sandae ¥600
Mashroom and Bacon Garette ¥1,000 Banana and Chocolate Crepe ¥800
Quatrofolmadge Garelle ¥1,000 Blueberry Crepe ¥800
Pasta aglio olio Peperoncino ¥1,000 Banana and Chocolate Pancake ¥1,000
Pasta Calbonara Romana ¥1,000 Blueberry Pancake ¥1,000
Pasta Ragu Bolognese ¥1,000    
Today's Pasta ¥1,000    

 ※Food start 18:00 - Last Order 23:50
 ※tax included


“I didn’t expect to have such good food at a jazz bar,” a customer once told us with surprise.
We are striving to offer real Western cuisine, using special recipes and safe ingredients.
During his stay in the U.S., our chef visited various jazz bars in New York and Washington DC to discover the pleasure of enjoying jazz along with a good burger and a can of beer.
To share his experience with customers, he cooks all the dishes himself.
The must-try on our menu is the 13-centimeter-tall A-Train Hamburger. Between sliced graham bun are all-beef pâté seasoned with special ketchup, lettuce, tomato and grilled onion. It is our specialty, which an American customer commended as “a real USA burger.”
Equally popular is the Carbonara Romano, cooked with a traditional Roman recipe. The ingredients are quite simple—guanciale (cured pork jowl) imported from Italy, Pecorino Romano, eggs and pepper. Using no cream, the taste is rich but not too heavy. We chose high-end ingredients to achieve an authentic Italian taste, which has long been favored by our customers.
Please come and enjoy food and live music at A-Train!





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